911-S.A.F.E.R. (Special Advisory For Emergency Responders)
Registration of Cell Phones

The Wilson County Emergency Communications District (Wilson County 911) announces the availability of
a valuable, potentially life-saving, service for Wilson County residents and businesses. 911-SAFER
provides for the entry of a special advisory of your choice into our database which will appear when 911 is
called from the applicable wired and/or wireless phone.

Wilson County 911 is a call transfer center. When you call 911, our Emergency Communications Officer
will ask “where is your emergency?” and “what is your emergency” to determine which emergency service
provider should receive your call. Upon verification of your location and the type of emergency service
needed, you are immediately transferred to the appropriate emergency service provider for response to
your emergency.
The inclusion of these notes for special on-site service will aid emergency service providers in delivering
the most efficient emergency services possible.

Examples of 911-SAFER notes:
•        Resident in wheelchair
•        Locked entrance gate, key located under planter
•        Beware - Vicious dog
•        Call my son at (phone no.)
•        Dialysis patient

If interested in participating in 911-SAFER, please provide your special
note with applicable phone number(s) to WECD either by e-mail message to
shillman@wilson911.org or
through this website by simply filling out the form below..

For additional information, please call 449-7155

Wilson County 911 NEVER shares your personal data.
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